Japanese ★★★★★
    English  ★★☆☆☆


    Hello, My name is Hiroshi Tsubota. I represent this company.

    I was raised up in Himeji, Hyogo until I graduated high school. After that, I moved around between Kobe and Osaka while working several companies. I’ve been living in Kobe ever since I worked previous company. It doesn't mean I especially love Kobe... I think I can live anywhere in the world!

    To tell you the truth, I’m good at picking doorknob locks. (DO NOT try this at home, seriously!!) We have a portable cashbox in our office and one day it suddenly locked with the key inside. I tried to send someone over who can fix this but it was expensive...

    "Google sensei" taught me how to solve this accident and Tadaa! There it is! I can open it again with two pins. I think I can pick a locks if it is same type of key I can open…

    The only thing that hasn’t changed since I founded Acret is my feeling to our staffs. I want them to take pride in thier jobs for each staffs and to love thier jobs like they can be pride of it to someone they care a lot about!

    Thank you for reading this!