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    A mother of two children, born and raised in Kobe.
    After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University, I got a job at a cake shop in the town as a pastry chef.
    After working in the pastry industry for more than 10 years, I entered the Web industry with twists and turns.

    While changing jobs with two small children, I joined Acret because I was attracted to the idea of ​​the president who values ​​a family above all else.
    Acret has a comfortable working environment with lots of freedom and a very good team atmosphere.
    Remote work OK! Taking a nap OK! You can also work while bouncing with a balance ball sent directly to the company by mail order!
    In addition, salary can be decided by negotiating with the president twice a year.
    Instead, it's a merit-based company that demands job performance and quality.

    After joining the company as a designer, I was completely absorbed in the fun of Drupal, and I am now able to build websites with it, not only design but also developing.
    Acquia's Drupal certification exams are "Site builder", "Developer," and "Front-end Specialist". I have acquired the remaining one "Backend Specialist" and am studying for the "Grand Master" qualification.

    Currently, as a manager, I am involved in various projects, and I am watching my juniors every day, hoping they will grow up big with me as a stepping stone.